Information for Participants

This page is for anyone participating in my study (or thinking about participating in my study) to inform you about what I am asking you to do and your rights and my responsibilities to you.

There is more detailed information about the reasons for my study and the methods I will be using on the other pages which you are also welcome to look at.

What are your rights and my responsibilities?

  • You can take part in as little or as much of the research as you want to
  • You can change your mind about any interviews or meetings at any time
  • You can withdraw from the study at any point
  • You can ask for any information you have given to be removed from the study and I will do so
  • All data will be anonymised before it is used in my thesis or any other public context.

What will the research involve?

The research will mainly be based around informal Interviews – these may take place one-to-one with me or in your family and you may be asked to participate in several. I may also use other methods with you (with your agreement) such as photo-journals.

What will the data be used for?

After it has been anonymised (changing names and places so that individual participants cannot be identified) the data will be analysed to help me answer my research questions. It will then be used in my PhD thesis and I may also use it in articles for journals and conferences. So I may quote things that you have said (although you will not be named). I will also provide a report on my findings for participants so that you know what I have found.


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