Posted by: Ruth Morton | January 18, 2008

Fieldwork almost there

I have now collected the bulk of my data – I have interviewed 20 home educating families specifically as well as lots of in-depth conversations with other home educating families I have met along the way at various groups and gatherings that I have been able to go to.

I am very grateful to all the families who have given up time to talk to me and who have often fed me and invited me to their group meeting as well.

I am now taking a break from data collection (although I am sure that I will end up at the odd home education event here and there) to focus on doing some initial in-depth analysis of my data and sketch out an outline of what the final thesis might look like (this is an ongoing process).

I will also be presenting a paper at the British Sociological Association Conference at the end of March based upon some of my initial findings.

There are many themes emerging from my research, already far more than I think will fit into a single thesis, some of the themes that have struck me most so far are ideas about choice, families’ ideas about what childhood is/should be, the emotional and practical labour of parents, the importance of suppport networks …

Home education in England and Wales is turning out to be very fascinating indeed!


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