Posted by: Ruth Morton | November 7, 2007

Emerging themes

My fieldwork is progressing well, with several families willing to talk to me and tell me about their experiences of home educating. I now have some rich data and with some more hard work I am hoping to finish my data collection around Christmas (although there will no doubt be some tidying up and extra interviews that take place into the New Year).

Several themes are starting to emerge from my data collection and analysis so far. The main theme is the ways in which different families’ views of childhood and parenthood affect their choices about home education – this means that my thesis is starting to link into broader areas around families and childhood which is important if we are to understand more about home education.

I am starting to build basic models of themes and ‘groups’ of home educators – there seem, for example, to be big differences between those parents for whom home education is a ‘choice’ and those for whom it is seen as a ‘last resort’. It is however early days and I suspect that these will change a lot in the coming weeks. When I get closer to finalised ideas I will post them up here.


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